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“I work as a CEO at the Finnish branch of a big multi-national company. Our department faced significant reorganisation, which we planned carefully. We held a gathering to motivate employees to welcome the change. I gave a motivational speech there. I am a seasoned speaker but this time I just lacked the time. I asked Antti to compose an address, and the speech he wrote gave excellent support to my performance. I can sincerely recommend him for similar assignments.”


“Antti wrote my town hall speech to announce a big reorganisation. The speech was inspiring, contained all the ingredients, and had the right amount of empathy. Last but not least, the story made the difficult and emotional message into an inspiring future outlook.

Many thanks for your great work. It made a huge difference.”


“I started a new job as the CEO of a company providing industrial support services and I gave an introductory speech to the employees. We had had many redundancies during the years and people felt paralysed. I wanted to motivate, show leadership and, naturally, introduce myself. I met Antti and we had a conversation about what I wanted to achieve with my speech. He crafted a draft which we fine-tuned together. The final speech turned out very well. Four months later, the employees have gained new enthusiasm and the business is doing well. The speech was the starting point for everything.”


“I am a professor and was asked to give a keynote address at an important event. I wanted to do it but didn’t have enough time to write the speech because I was very busy with my research then. I contacted Antti, related him the focal points of my speech, and gave him background material for research. Antti made a draft of the speech, which I completed with a couple of additions. The final result was excellent! Afterwards, some people in the audience came to me to thank me and discuss the themes of the speech with me.”

J.M., Professor

“I work in an executive position and thus need to give a lot of speeches. Usually, I write my own speeches but sometimes I don’t have the time or the speech requires a lot of background research. Antti Mustakallio composed a splendid speech as per my request. Working with Antti went smoothly, and the audience’s reception was very positive.”

J.H., municipal leader